A story of positivity

my story

While washing our hands has become something that is a necessary constant in these times. I noticed my hands were drying out, cracked and almost appeared to be aging.


So, while in quarantine I set out on a mission to make my hands soft, smooth and young again. I also wanted to add a positive touch. I decided to place positive words and recite positive affirmations so that while I showered and washed my hands during those 20 seconds many many times per day. I could be inspired. I began to place these positive bars of inspiration on all of my sinks throughout my home.  And Soap Sayings was born.


  I noticed my hands not only were softer and smooth but I was more tranquil and in a better mood. I wanted to share this feeling with the world so I hope that you will be Zen and stay positive! 💗

soap sayings



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