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What is "soap sweat" and why is my soap sweating?

Handmade soap will often sweat after curing for several days. Because the soap is high in glycerin, it will attract water, which will show up as small droplets on the surface of the soap. This most often happens in humid conditions. These droplets are a sign of a high-quality soap. However, if you wont be using your soap right away, they can cause the oils in the soap to go rancid faster than when wrapped. Preventing the soap from sweating before use is the best way to keep your soap fresh. If you are not using your soap right away you can: 1. Place all of your soaps in an airtight container with the lid snapped on tight. Store them in cool, dry place -- like in a pantry, not in the bathroom, which often gets very humid. 2. Wrap your soap in plastic wrap. Humidity in the air causes sweating in high-quality soaps, so wrapping them immediately will prevent that exposure.

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